Bloomberg: Украина столкнулась с нехваткой боеприпасов

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According to diplomats, European allies will be able to supply Ukraine with only 600,000 cartridges by March 1st, out of the promised one million, due to production delays and concerns about Western stockpiles. Bloomberg clarifies that defense ministers of the countries will discuss at a meeting in Brussels this week whether it is possible to increase the number of ammunition to be sent to Ukraine, but it will still not be possible to reach the target of one million.

On February 1st, European leaders will discuss at the summit the issue of allocating 50 billion euros to Ukraine for a four-year period — previously this aid package to Kiev was blocked. If agreements cannot be reached, the bloc will have to find a way to provide assistance without the support of Budapest, Bloomberg notes. A European official told the agency that in any case, the EU intends to approve assistance by the end of February.

In the United States, it has been several months since an agreement has not been reached to provide Ukraine with $61 billion due to opposition from Republicans in Congress. Republicans insist on enhancing border security in exchange for their approval of assistance to other countries.

According to Western diplomats, even if Ukraine receives assistance from the EU, the lack of support from the US will be felt by Ukrainian troops by the end of spring.

A source told the publication that in recent months, Kiev has created reserves of key ammunition from allies to ensure the supply of troops. However, this is not enough to compensate for the shortage of artillery shells.

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