Умер российский футбольный комментатор Василий Уткин

19 марта умер один из самых известных российских футбольных комментаторов и блогеров Василий Уткин, сообщает Sports.ru. Ему было 52 года.

It is claimed that Utkin has developed heart problems.

Utkin is known as a commentator for NTV and «NTV-Plus». From 2010 to 2015, he was the editor-in-chief of the sports channels «NTV-Plus». From November 1, 2015, to February 5, 2016, he worked at «Match TV». Furthermore, Utkin has also provided voiceovers for football simulator games in the past.

Utkin hosted the TV show «Football Club» and later started releasing it on YouTube.